Expert Fire & Sprinkler System Installation Since 1998

Star Fire Systems is a professional fire sprinkler company that provides high quality technical and fire protection services to it's clients. Star Fire Systems was founded in 1989 as Star Sprinkler and in 2003 became Star Fire Systems Inc.

Star Fire Systems President, Marco Scorcia and his dedicated team of more than fifty employees, lead Star Fire Systems in providing your the highest level of service and quality products.

Star Fire Systems focuses on fire sprinkler installation and service work in the southern Ontario region. Star Fire Systems is one of the most respected contractors in the residential construction market, for both low and high-rise.  Star Fire also has extensive experience with care facilities, providing the most conscientious workmanship to help alleviate potential issues while operating in these very sensitive environments.

Star Fire has been providing professional service and workmanship to all areas of the construction industry for more than 25 years. Our clients are served through the assistance of strategic alliances within the fire protection industry including, engineering and design companies as well as other professional groups.

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