Your home is your castle.  Protect it.

As a leader in residential fire protection in Ontario, Star Fire Systems competitively installs fire sprinklers in both high-rise and low rise projects across Ontario.  We provide the highest level of service and understand the importance of construction schedules and meeting deadlines.  Star Fire Systems will be there when you need us most.  

We are also very aware that you may be promoting Fire Sprinklers as part of a sales package to purchasers. Fire sprinklers save lives and your purchaser deserves nothing but the best, and this is what Star Fire Systems provides.  The most reliable installation to protect you and your purchasers in the event of a fire.  Rest assured that when you claim you are building one of the safest structures for your purchasers that Star Fire will make sure that is the case. Our service contracts are designed to meet your needs and to protect your investments.

Star Fire Systems can also provide onsite training for your system's monthly maintenance, and can help with Fire Life Safe Plans that meet fire department requirements.

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